Growth Like We've Never Seen Before

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More people are seeking help from Nexus Care,
than ever before.



In 2011 we were supporting 44 people each month with a food parcel.

Now in 2019, Nexus Care supports over 310 households every month with records showing that demand has increased by over 20%.



In 2011 we started with 3 Brekky Clubs. Since then we have offered this program in a further 4 schools periodically.

Since January 2019 we committed to providing Brekky Clubs in 5 local schools equating to over 450 school kids each week.



Current initiatives include community dance classes and in-school programs such as kids cooking classes.

Opportunities are increasing to partner with organisations across Brisbane as we establish relationships with purpose through this program.

I’ve seen first-hand the demand increasing on our programs and services. It’s humbling to see that people find a sense of hope in the programs we offer.
— Josh Plumb, Nexus Care Executive Manager


The 2016 Australian Census has highlighted a need in key North-Brisbane suburbs such as Chermside, Keperra and Stafford. These large suburbs, home to over 22,683 people, are noted to have households with increased food insecurity and levels of poverty, yet there is a distinct lack of support services on hand.

It is reported that the high cost of living that is the main cause for household food insecurity within Australia. The 2018 Hungry Tummies research by Foodbank alarmingly recorded that 56% of Aussie parents do not paid bills in order to have enough money to buy food.

In addition to the hardship experienced in our local community, Nexus Care’s reputation for effective, relational and high-quality support services continues to grow across wider Brisbane. Support agencies, caseworkers and other local community groups are hearing about what we do and seeking to link their participants with our services.

A little goes a long way

As our major EOFY appeal kicks off, we ask for your donation to see our local Brisbane community
continue to benefit from Nexus Care’s quality programs and services.

$25 = One food parcel; the equivalent of 60 meals

$200 = 5 people accessing Cooking Lessons

$1.5k = 15 students engaging in a Community Dance Class
for a entire school year

$4.5k = one annual Brekky CLUB Program