Food Parcels: What's In the Box?

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We believe that Aussies experiencing hardship should have access to Healthy Food.

Perhaps our most well known program, the Fresh Start Food Program has grown to support more than 1,300 Brisbane households every year through it’s food relief program.

Our food parcels are Unique; typically including 4kg of fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, dairy and meats among various other staple ingredients. Every food parcel is the equivalent of around 60 nutritious meals.

It’s About People

Fresh Start was developed by a Nutritionist to offer a variety of healthy meals for every household. Since 2011, demand has increased at Nexus Care as more people seek healthy alternatives for their food relief needs.

Aligning with our values, these high-quality ingredients is our way of bestowing value and sharing hope to every person who comes through our doors.

It’s a hard feeling when you can’t feed yourself and are unable to put food on the table.  Our parcels represent hope, not just physical but emotional nurturing.
— Seema, Fresh Start Volunteer

Generous Suppliers

We are thankful and proud to regularly include donated produce from FoodBank, Oz Harvest, SecondBite, Woolworths North-West Plaza and Woolworths Chermside West. Read more about all of our fantastic Fresh Start suppliers here.

Donations are vital to the Fresh Start Food Program. Learn more about the program or securely donate below.