What 200k means to Nexus Care.


We’re thrilled, and you should be too.

We had a goal to reach 200k at the recent 2019 EOFY Appeal in order to meet the increasing need on our doorstep.

It was incredible to see the support swell and local Brisbane people generously added their support, helping us to reach $201,849.

Nexus Care is able to connect & support over 1,300 people each month, this is more than ever before.
— Josh Plumb, Executive Manager

This has a tremendous impact.

Over the next 12 months, these funds allows for tremendous benefits to those in our local & wider Brisbane community that need support.

  • This means that Nexus Care can provide over 4000 healthy food parcels over the next 12 months in the hands of those experiencing seasons where they struggle to afford basic groceries

  • This means that we can continue offering 5 weekly school brekky programs to over 450+ local kids

  • It means coming alongside over 2000 Brisbane households and saying you're not alone, we're with you, there is hope.

    It means so many things!

Our EOFY Appeal is our major appeal; it’s our primary means of raising money so that we can continue to do what we do. This $201,849 will be responsibly managed over the next 12 months to positively deliver our high-quality programs and meeting the increasing need on our doorstep.

Alleviating local poverty and distress is what we're all about, and without the support of generous donors then we just wouldn't be able to meet the demand and do nearly as much in our local community.

If you ever have a query regarding donation management at Nexus Care please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Looking Forward

134 people donated to this 2019 major appeal. In 2020, we'd love to aim for 150 people to partner with us in the EOFY Appeal.

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