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One of our greatest observations at Nexus Care is just how lonely and isolated people can be in our community. The significance of this issue has moved us to respond by creating community events that allow our volunteers to foster social inclusion and focus on the value of our community members.

These activities are designed to address the significant levels of social isolation and loneliness that exist in our local area by building connectedness and promoting improved mental health for families experiencing adversity.

Its been wonderful to see people connecting and encouraging each other with their stories.


Community morning teas

Our morning teas are held every second month and community members are welcome to attend.

We celebrate birthdays, provide craft and music activities, put on a good spread and most importantly, provide a relaxed and open environment where friendship, connection and an overall sense of well-being can flourish. If needed, transport to and from the event can be arranged.

“We’d be lost without them. For people like myself who can’t get out, for them to come and pick us up, and take us out here to the function, that helps a lot. It really and truly does help a lot because otherwise I’d just be sitting at home.”
— Nexus Care Client who regularly attends our Community Morning Tea events

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