Family & Youth COACH Mentoring

COACH is a long-term mentoring program to assist families with a desire to change their circumstances and create a more positive future.

The COACH program is for families with at least 1 child under 12 years, and focuses on working through a range of issues such as family breakdown, parenting difficulties, financial hardship, long term unemployment, early school leaving, addictions and homelessness.

The Youth COACH program is for young people aged 8-16 years to provide a positive role model who can provide support, practical help with things like homework and transport, and guidance towards achieving life goals, all while having fun!

The programs involve meeting up with volunteer mentor, usually on a weekly basis to work together towards achieving a couple of life goals, learning life skills, or making progress in specific areas of life.


Cooking Classes

We hold regular cooking classes to equip people with the skills to create easy, nutritious meals on a budget, and help those in our Fresh Start Program get the most of from their food parcel.

Many of the recipes used include basic items from our food parcels to create delicious healthy dishes like Aussie Fried Rice, Tuna & Veggie Pasta Bake, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Stir-Fry, and Sausage & Vegetable Hot Pot.

We offer one-off cooking lessons each month, along with 3-5 week courses throughout the year. 


CAP Money Course

The CAP Money course teaches people from all walks of life, how to create a budget and prevent bad debt. Usually run over 2 sessions, held on a needs basis throughout the year, these practical workshops teach the skills needed to make managing your finances easy.


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